Lisem Integrated Spatial Earth Modeller

An open-source geo-spatial modelling tool.

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What is LISEM?

Lisem (Lisem Integrated Spatial Earth Modeller) is a free and open-source software tool that allows users to manipulate geo-spatial data. Featuring both simple operations and advanced algorithms, complex models can be developed. The tool features an internal scripting environment designed for easy data manipulation, a geospatial data viewer, and the LISEM model, which aims at simulation of Hydro-meteorological surface hazards. Additionally, the software comes with Python bindings that allow for interactions with other libraries and automization of code. Have a look at the documetion for more information on how to use and install LISEM.

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Easy to install and use

Installers are available for windows, linux and pre-built python packages through conda.

Verified in real-world application

A large body of scientific work has used this or previous versions of the LISEM software to investigate physical processes on the earths surface.


With integrated scripting support and python bindings, anything is possible.